Blue Meanie Magic Mushrooms


Blue Meanie Magic Mushrooms: There are more than 180 mushrooms containing tryptamine alkaloids such as psilocybin and psilocin.

Blue Meanie Magic Mushrooms

Let the Blue Meanie Magic Mushrooms drown out the world around you and encapsulate you into your very own paradise of psychedelic wonders.

The Blue Meanies are recommended for users looking to have a good time with friends or alone. The immense euphoria and feelings of happiness with imaginative hallucinations and extreme laughter are sure to be a unique experience. Buy Magic Mushrooms UK. Albino Penis Envy for sale.

What is The Blue Meanie vs Canbodian Strain of Magic Mushrooms?

The Blue Meanie Mushrooms are a variety of Psilocybe cubensis strains believed to be one of the earliest harvested in Australia. The vivid blue bruise appears when the fruiting body is touched to give it its name and indicates high concentrations of psilocybin and psilocin. The word ‘Blue Meanie’ comes from this unique feature.

The Blue Meanie Mushroom Effects

Blue Meanie Mushrooms are a powerful strain of P. cubensis that is considered one of the most powerful on the market today. Users should follow the dosage guidelines and wait between doses for optimal results. Unlike some other strains, this one can take longer than an hour before you’ll feel any effects after ingestion.

The Blue Meanie Mushroom is a unique type of mushroom that has to be reported to give users an even more psychedelic experience than mushrooms, such as the Golden Teacher. People who have already tried other psychedelics are often used for their mind-bending effects and duration. If you’re looking for a trippy experience with no strings attached, this is your ticket to paradise. 

Dosage of Blue Meanie x b+ – Magic Mushrooms

Dosage is a critical factor when it comes to your Blue Meanie shrooms experience. The type of user, the variety and potency of mushrooms, and how much water weight there is in fresh mushrooms will affect dosage size. Dosage recommendations for Blue Meanie Mushrooms are only approximate and depend on several factors. In the case of Blue Meanie Mushrooms, there are so many variables to consider that it’s not as simple as one gram or ten grams. Factors such as how experienced you are with shrooms and whether they’re fresh can affect your dosage dramatically.

Therefore, the dosage of Blue Meanie Mushroom is not a simple topic. When people buy mushrooms online, they typically enter their weight to get the appropriate dosage size.

If you’re going to get as high as possible or use microdosing -then 2 grams might work better. It’s also essential to consider what kind of mushroom and dry/fresh. Our customer service team is always here to answer any questions that might come up before or after your purchase!

How To Take Magic Mushrooms

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Ounce(28g), QP(quarter pound), HP(half pound), LB( 1 pound)


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